Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Useful videos

Now that Delicious is going the way of the dodo (everybody tells me so, that's how I know) there are two things I should really start doing here, in my own little space on the interWebs.  First, I should start cataloging serious alternatives: lots of people have them.  I followed someone's directions and imported all of my Delicious links into Google Bookmarks.  It seems a poor alternative thus far, largely because I can now not find my Google Bookmarks page.  Nor can I add bookmarks without going to Google Bookmarks.  For Delicious, I just pressed Command + D.  Viola, permanent record of link forever.  (I'm still doing it, and will up until the day they officially pull the plug.)  (Which, evidently, they might not.) 

Second, I should start using the space to keep track of links I want to keep track of.  Well, I've kind of been doing that already.  But I should probably, I don't know, do it better or have a better tagging system or something.  (An analysis of tags as the most insanely useful, or not, way of organizing information is forthcoming.  Some year.) 

For example, Nova has a bunch of videos online, like this about Machu Picchu.  There are others, I'm sure.


Ray said...

I keep telling myself I have to many bookmarks. I bet I don't use 1/4 of them in any given period of time. The people or organizations I want to follow I keep track of with my Google Reader, tweets, or Facebook. Keep giving us another good year of blogs. I enjoy reading them when I can and hope I have the knowledge to keep up.

JohnCosby said...

I agree about having too many links. In my Delicious account, I have links on how to make chain mail armor, how to build a folding end table, news stories 6 years old about Maya temples exposed in hurricanes, an online cartoon they stopped writing in 2009, and so on and on. But it's easier to keep them, and I'm getting better at tagging them so I can find them again.

I'll be here as long as I've got something to say, and you know me--I've always got something to say.