Sunday, December 19, 2010

Free WL resources

These come courtesy of Carrie C. on the ACTFL listserv.  (Not that Carrie C. seems to have a variety of free video sources for different school subjects.  For Spanish, they have the video for the textbook series "Destinos."  They also have a college-themed version.  That, combined with some scaffolding, would go a long way to help a learner find comprehensible input.  (Ray, if you read this....) 

For the teacher, they also have a seminar on K-12 language teaching and some arts instruction methods courses that look really interesting.  

Also on the free video front, the BBC has a whole host of language tools.  The Spanish video was insufferably slow-going for my taste--it felt like "Dora the Explorer" for adults.  ("Can you say 'largo?' [pause] ¡Muy bien!)  But maybe it's just what some learners need.  And maybe later lessons focus on providing comprehensible input. 


Ray said... looks like a great site. Thanks for sharing. I will share it with our staff.

JohnCosby said...

I'm glad you found the site useful. I forgot to cite my source and now I don't know what it is (which is why you're supposed to cite your sources).