Thursday, October 9, 2014

Digital tools for a busy Spanish teacher

All of these are off the various listservs I subscribe to. 

Spanish listening: .  Offers videos of native speakers speaking, followed by short comprehension quizzes afterwards.  It could be a good source of comprehensible input.  Some sorting and pre-viewing might be necessary. 

Cuentos en Powerpoint  The website's target audience is pre-school aged native language learners.  It contains a large number of stories in PowerPoint format, which might be a good alternative to a classroom set of readers.  Highlights include a few books students might already know (Maisy, for example), books about shapes, colors, opposites, etc., and--I almost can't believe this--a dual-language book in Spanish and Náhuatl.  I may try to learn to read Náhuatl now.

Lingt language:  This website, if it functions as advertised, might be a game-changer.  The idea is that a teacher creates an audio assignment and distributes it to students via computer.  It says it can be set up to provide some kind of individualized feedback, but I don't know how effective they could possibly be.  Compare this, by the way, with the MSU CLEAR tools; they might have somethng similar. 

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