Thursday, October 16, 2014

A veteran teacher shadows a student

OK, so the co-author of Understanding by Design, Grant Wiggins, has a blog.  (And there goes any free time I once had.)  My friend Jamie points me in the direction of this post.  (By the way, Jamie, you may or may not have known that the owner of that blog is a big juju guy in the education reform [in the right way] world.) 

A veteran shadows 2 students for 2 days--a sobering lesson learned

This is a valuable reflection from the perspective of an administrator.   The key take-aways are breathtaking in their directness, and she has a number of immediately applicable suggestions to improve the daily experience of students.  (It's fairly gratifying to me that a number of her takeaways are things I already try to do.) 

One of the most interesting points here is where she asks her student if the student would be missed.  The student laughed at that prospect.  While I like to think that I make my students feel welcome, I don't know if I'd make them feel like they'd be missed.

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