Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A timesuck is an activity which I (and I suspect others) spend inordinate amounts of time unconsciously or semi-consciously doing, in spite of myself.  They're the little things that keep me from getting more tests graded, from getting enough sleep at night, from redesigning tomorrow's lesson plan, this time with added differentiation.  I list a few of them here in the hope that seeing them written down will make me more aware of them, and better able to ignore them when I need to.

*Reading just one more blog about educational technology
*Looking up acquaintances on Facebook
*Looking up acquaintances on Facebook whom I then don't friend
*Finding out more about the TV show I'm watching and the actors in it using IMDB
*Getting just a little bit further in whichever video game I'm playing on my iPad
*Vocabulary PowerPoint presentations--it seems I'm forever making vocabulary PowerPoint presentations, half of which I never use, because there are better ways to present the vocabulary than PowerPoint
*Researching fascinating, but not exceptionally relevant, bits of history trivia (Y'know why a space shuttle's solid rocket boosters are the size that they are?
*Writing reflective, self-deprecating lists on Blogger

Jeesh.  No wonder I never have any time.  I'm BUSY!



TortugaRachel said...


That is all.
Haha! Sorry, had to throw that one out there, because it is a HUGE time suck for me. At least with summer coming there's more time for time sucks. Unfortunately, summer doesn't last forever, and this means those time sucking habits will, again, have to be broken.

Good luck!

JohnCosby said...

Rachel, I hear that it's a lot of fun! I know my students like it...especially on computer research days!