Monday, October 3, 2011

I will want to know more about this

My e-mail box gets a daily dose of NBPTS propaganda.  It's a useful summary of recent news in education, and it is honestly these days where I get a lot of the most up-to-date stuff I post about here.  (Except the things from my local birdcage liner.  Those I get from the website of my local birdcage liner.  Which I don't use to line my birdcage.  On account of I view it on a $1000 computer.)  Also interspersed with the useful stuff is adverts for NBPTS products disguised to look like useful stuff.  However, since NBPTS is a net force for good in the teacher development world, even their ads are generally useful stuff.

Case in point: They're having a webcast right now to announce the release of a report called "Getting It Right: A Comprehensive Guide to Developing and Sustaining Teacher Evaluation and Support Systems."  I would like to log in to this webcast, but I'm not going to.  The dishes ain't gonna wash themselves.  However, I will be watching like a hawk to see if they release the report in pdf form.  I'd like to read it.  If we're going to evaluate teachers, we should get it right.  And an organization called the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards probably has something useful to say on the subject.

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