Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Getting it right" update

One can find the pdf's at this site, were one so inclined.  More about this when I have the time.


Anonymous said...

The article is very interesting. I am a second grade teacher and I am currently working on my doctor of education degree. I plan to do my reserch study on the professional development aspect of teaching. I teach in the state of Alabama, we have teacher evaluation Program entitled Educate Alabama. After reading your post, I wonder if the program is successful at accuratley evaulated teachers in Alabama.

JohnCosby said...

Tina, I don't know anything about Alabama's teaching evaluation programs. In Michigan, though, the developing teacher eval program is going hand-in-hand with ed reforms which have the effect (if not the purpose) of undermining public education, in favor of privately owned charter school manager.

I hope that your Ph.D. program helps increase our understanding of effective teacher pd. The best positive impact a school can have is effective teachers (Marzano). Instead of blaming us and cutting funding to schools, we need serious studies into what kind of evaluation encourage teachers' continuing development, and what kind of support we need to best help students' learning.

George said...

Very interesting for me, being a CIS teacher in GA.

Anonymous said...

Great point that you have made. We have some of the same problems in Alabama. Th area in which I teach, we have experineced major funding cut backs. We do need more support in schools.