Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another book to read someday

Wormeli, R. (2003).  Day One and beyond: Practical matters for new middle-level teachers.  Portland, ME: Stenhouse.

It's like a "First Days of School" with practical advice for middle school teachers.  The first chapter is available online here.  Wormeli proposes NCB-style self-reflection, washing your hands after every class, and keeping a box in which you keep every positive note, comment, picture, etc., that you receive in your time as a teacher.  He suggests giving yourself, as a new middle-school teacher, 12 really big mistakes each day--if you stay under that, you're doing okay for now.  It would be great to see how my current practice stacks up against his.  For the first chapter, I'm doing all right, I think. 

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