Monday, November 14, 2011

Today in world language news

1.)  The NBPTS's daily e-mail included a link to this article.  It talks about an online game that a teacher uses to teach Latin.  It sounds like exactly the kind of thing I dreamed about doing: technology and immersive language learning.  There is a link inside the article to the Pericles group, who is making the website.  I hope to learn more about it; if somebody is doing this sort of work, I'm going to want to keep on top of it.  I wouldn't know, however, whether I would want to use something somebody else made, or whether I'd want to help them make it.

2.)  I've decided that next year, at the MiWLA conference, I'm going to apply to present a session:  Using cell phones in the language class.  I think I do pretty well at this, but ultimately the purpose would be self-serving.  I'd hope somebody would get up in the middle of the presentation and say, "This is stupid.  We've been doing this for years, and this is what I'm doing it which is SOOOO much better than what you're doing."  That would be awesome.

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