Monday, September 19, 2011

"Nobody could have foreseen..."

...that the merit pay hype would die off due to lack of funding.

Oh, wait, it looks like somebody did.  What was that, 2008?

For my English students, a reading assignment.  Why is my lede misleading as to the content of the EdWeek article?

And a bit of meta-blogging.  I've just told Blogger to post my labels at the bottom of my blog.  The good news is, the only people ever likely to see them is me.  The bad news is a lot of my labels are one-off jokes.  I learned the art of labeling blog posts from the oft-imitated, ne'er-duplicated Neil Gaiman, after all.  I can't find a way of making a tag cloud just of tags that appear more than once.  Any help from the universe on this one?

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