Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spam posts

So I've been getting the occasional spam post.

It's flattering in a way.  Some program out there thinks that someone reads this.

Despite that, I've been deleting them.  (There are few enough of them that I only have to delete one or two posts a week.)  And I've been doing it without clicking through the links to see if there was anything worthwhile.

So, if I've deleted one of your posts, which had serious links to things you honestly believe relate to the content of this blog, tell me so.  If your English is not so good (as is the case in the posts I deleted), remember two things: 1.)  I read Spanish, and by extension, a certain amount of the other Romance languages.  If you happen to write in one of those languages better than in English, go crazy.  2.)  Google Translate is NOT your friend.

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled lack of programming.

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