Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why teach

Last week I was sick.  I was gone two days and had two terribly sub-par lesson plans that day.  This was week 2 of school, and we hadn't established norms or talked about substitute behavior. 

On the first day, I asked my interim itinerant educator (hey, I was a sub for years, and I'm here to tell you that they deserve a better title.) to ask my Spanish 2 students to review last year's vocabulary.  I asked them to do this by drawing a picture of 10 vocabulary words from a single vocabulary group, and provided page numbers where they could find the vocabulary.  (If there are any communicative theory practitioners out there, you'll see why this was a sub-par plan.)  They did such a TREMENDOUS job of it that I took their assignments, photocopied it onto goldenrod paper, gave each of them a copy, and used it as the core of their review.

Another class had to make themselves ID cards, but the e-mailed form lost its formatting in transition.  There was supposed to be a little box in the corner for picture or drawing of themselves, but that box was entirely missing from the 5-line. 1x2 inch assignment.  On the assignment the students actually got, there was no space for anything.  AJ drew a little smiley face next to the "foto" line anyway.  Made me smile after a loooooooong, tiring day.

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